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"Food Gujarat" is promoted by Next Tech Publishing, is a Perfect media for development of Bakery, Dairy, Ice Cream & Cold drinks, Beverages, Restaurant & Hotel, Namkeen & Sweets as well as Machinery & Equipments Manufacturers. The Goal of Food Gujarat is to inform people about detail information of F&B Industry.


  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment : for Hotel, Restaurants & Catering
  • Candy & Confectionery Machinery: Rope Sizer Machine, Batch Roller Machine, Batch Stirrer, Candy Vacuum Cooker, Tilting Cooling Plate, Fix Cooling Plate, Tablet Forming Machine, Candy Making Die, Single Side Twist Candy Wrapping Machine, Pulling Machine, Toffee Cooker, Toffee Cut and Wrap Machine, Blade Grinding Machine, Candy Packaging Machine, 3 Stage Cooling Conveyor.
  • Bakery Machinery & Technology: Fixed Trolley Bakery Oven | Double Trolley Bakery Oven| Single Trolley Bakery Oven| Multi Trolley Bakery Oven| Dough Proofer | Double Trolley Proofer | Single Trolley Proofer | Multi Trolley Proofer | Bakery fermentation  room | Spiral Mixer | Deck Oven | Planetary Mixer | Cookies drop machines | Dough  Shifter | Dough Divider | Dryer| Rusk making machines | Biscuit making machines | Bread  making machines
  • Food Packaging Machinery & Equipments: Sealing Machine, Shrink Wrapping Machine, Vacuum Pack Machine, Cap Sealing Machine, Nitrogen Flush Machine, Stretch Wrapping Machine, Blister Packing, Strapping Machine Labeling Machine, Barcode Printers, Online Printing Machine, Filling Sealing Machine, Weighing Scale.
  • Dairy Machinery & Equipments
  • Food Processing Machinery & Equipments
  • Food Packaging Materials : Plastic bags, Laminated Pouches, Woven Bag, Shrink Film, Aluminum Foil, BOPP Tape, Plastic Cups, Containers, Cruets, Strapping Roll, Labels, Barcode Labels, Corrugated Boxes etc.
  • Cold Room & Refrigeration Appliances
  • Bar Code / Ink Coding Technology
  • Snack Food Machinery & Equipments
  • Food Testing Lab & Equipments
  • Food Ingredients
  • Ice Cream Machinery & Equipments: Softy & Hard Machinery
  • Display Counters : For Sweet & Bakery, Fastfood Parlour etc.


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